AIKHENVALD YULI ISAYEVICH (1872–1928), Russian literary critic and essayist. An opponent of the dominant school of social criticism, he made his name as a major exponent of the subjective, impressionist approach. His works include Pushkin (1908), Etyudy O zapadnykh pisatelyakh ("Studies of Western Writers," 1910), Siluety russkikh pisateley ("Outlines of Russian Writers," 3 vols. (1906–1910), and Spor o Belinskom ("The Belinski Controversy," 1914), an appraisal of Vissarion Belinski, the first Russian to view literary criticism as a molder of public opinion. In 1922 Aikhenvald and a number of other non-communist intellectuals were expelled from the U.S.S.R. He was killed in a streetcar accident in Berlin. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Istoriya russkoy kritiki, 2 (1958), 424–5; G. Struve, Russkaya literatura v izgnanii (1956). (Maurice Friedberg)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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